编程 阿里云知识 1周前 (05-21) 10次浏览 扫描二维码

Hotplug refers to the ability of a computer system to detect and configure new hardware devices automatically as they are connected or disconnected from the system, without the need for manual intervention or system reboot. This feature allows users to add or remove devices such as USB drives, printers, and external hard drives while the system is running, without disrupting the operation of other devices or the system as a whole. Hotplug is commonly used in modern operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and macOS.

Hotplug is a useful feature that allows users to easily add or remove hardware devices from their computer without having to shut down the system or manually configure the device. When a new device is connected to the system, the operating system automatically detects it and installs the necessary drivers and software to make it work. Similarly, when a device is disconnected, the system automatically removes it from the list of available devices.

Hotplug is particularly useful for devices that are frequently connected and disconnected, such as USB drives, cameras, and mobile phones. It also allows for easier maintenance and upgrades of hardware components, as new devices can be added or replaced without having to shut down the system.

However, hotplugging devices can also pose security risks, as malicious devices can be connected to the system and potentially compromise its security. To mitigate these risks, operating systems often include security features such as device authentication and driver signing to ensure that only trusted devices are allowed to connect to the system.

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